PETOSKEY REAL ESTATE Selling your home? Late Fall? Winter? I say why not? #realestate

Yummy! That is one word to explain late fall in Northern Michigan….nothing smells or looks more captivating!   You can tell from the photo taken in my front yard that the visual beauty is in the color of the leaves but it is also raining and that is where the smell can take me away!.  It always amazes me where a smell can take you and right now I smell the earth, the oils of the leaves, the distant smell of the water  off  Lake Michigan  and just plain fresh air, I’m in love!


 We all experience different beauty where  we live and the climate is a huge factor as to how our seasons unfold, yet to many realtors in the Midwest it is felt that late  fall/winter  is a time to remove your home from the market and I have to say, I have been guilty of that as well.  You see, we in Northern Michigan know that after that amazing experience of a beautiful fall, here it comes…..wait here comes what?  What have we all been waiting for?   What is just around the corner?  Aww yes, snow!  Now to most of the winter enthusiast   you are ecstatic but to many that want to list and sell their home it means the market  is slowing down.


Take that thought out of your mind! I say this is a great time to be listing or selling your home!  


.  Buyers are serious in the winter or they wouldn’t venture out in the cold and walk through knee high snow to get to your front door!

There is much more traffic searching on the internet inside where it is warm and getting darker by the day and if your home is priced right, yours will be one they save!

.  Homes in Northern Michigan feel and look much “cozier” while that fireplace is burning or your home is decorated for the holidays!

.  Typically there are fewer homes on the market so you have less competition which can lead to a higher price!

.  Because it does tend to be a slower  time of year, lenders are not as busy and mortgages tend to go through at a faster pace.




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Jamie Kardosh

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