It’s that one day of the year that is finally here, HALLOWEEN !  You know, that one day of the year that you can dress up and act a little crazy and no one holds you to it ( or at least we hope not).

  It’s funny how so many of us have that “ crazy” that looms within  us, some let it out  once in awhile and some,  like myself,  can get a little too  jocular about it but as  real estate agents there is definitely a time and place for all of that.


Selling Real Estate is serious business!  Not only do we all have to work hard at it to find our niche, but we also have to be well educated and experienced in knowing our craft.   Would any of us joke about negotiating an offer with a buyer?  I think not!  Would we be silly and try to make light of arriving at a  list price with our sellers?  I certainly hope not!  Our sellers and buyers put the most important investment of their lives in our hands and everyone of us should, or better yet,  have to take it seriously.


If you are like me, a person that has a mind that never shuts off,  maybe seminars, classes or regulation manuals are not for you and if not,  I can definitely relate!  There is a sea of information right at your finger tips and that is called the internet!   No matter how you educate yourself, do it!  It is an exciting and gratifying business we work in and each and every one of us must take it seriously!


Now back to Halloween!  Oh yes, it is that one day (well maybe a block of 2-4 hours) where I can be a little crazy and the word serious does not even come to mind……




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Jamie Kardosh

Jamie Kardosh

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