Wow!  I haven’t posted a blog in awhile but I find that this time of the year the days and weeks advance very quickly  (not to mention a much needed one week vacation) I will post about that another time.

Spring in Northern Michigan can be beautiful but also can be very frustrating as well.  One week you may have fifty to sixty degree weather and the next a foot of snow…..and for that we like to thank our buddy  “Lake Michigan”  one of the greatest glacial creations ever!    I don’t want you to think I am complaining about one of the largest bodies of fresh water on earth, but when you are in reach of Spring and the distant smell of fresh grass and the aroma of worms (yes I said worms) are within your reach it’s a recipe I wait for every year after a long cold winter.     Most people don’t understand when I talk about the smell of worms but trust me if you are someone that has ever harvested earth worms for fishing you know the smell  after a warm spring rain!

Now to the meaning of this blog, rates are low, inventory is starting to pick up and the snow is gone!  Take a drive to Northern Michigan check out why so many people retire here, vacation here and live here!  Miles and miles of fresh water boarder Northern Michigan not to mention the hundreds of miles of Inland Lake beaches.  Visit my web site at , do a search of properties and you will see why so many people buy here!


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Jamie Kardosh

Jamie Kardosh

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