“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear”, Jack Canfield    I Love this quote because it relates to just about everything we do in our lives that appear a little overwhelming and sometimes  a little paralyzing.  

  Remember the first time you had to ride a bike?  Ski?  Skate? Your first job interview? Or the first time you drove a car?  Whether you did some or all of these there was usually that little twinge in your stomach and the voice in your head that said “ proceed with caution!”     This feeling is felt by so many young new buyers and I know from working with hundreds of First Time Home Buyers that most of them will say “we want to buy a house but it is a little scary” ….  The most important information I give my Buyers is the step by step procedures of buying a home which start first with shopping for a lender and getting  their pre-approval.  You can’t seriously shop for a home if you don’t know first you can even get a loan and most importantly what price you qualify for.  Many times I have had buyers that have found that perfect home only to be disappointed when talking to a lender that they do not qualify for it. 

Be sure to choose an agent that goes through the buying procedure step by step so that you are comfortable and the fear of buying no longer exist.  Make a list of several agents and  interview them, make sure they are experienced and knowledgeable in the home buying procedure and most of all represent you as a buyer’s agent.

Jamie Kardosh, Coldwell Banker Schmidt Real Estate


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Jamie Kardosh

Jamie Kardosh

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