Avoid Foreclosure....

Avoid Foreclosure...

These are reasons to consider a Short Sale as an alternative to foreclosure...

Some of the reasons to avoid foreclosure are...

    1.  The homeowner will have to disclose they have had a foreclosure on future mortgage applications.

    2. Credit scores will be lowered by 300+ points affecting the ability to get a car, apartment, credit cards, etc.

    3.  A foreclosure is the one credit report item that is almost impossible to be "repaired".

    4. Military and government security clearance could be at risk with foreclosure.

    5.  Many employers run credit checks on prospective employees and foreclosure is one of the top items that will put a potential new hire in jeopardy.

        PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There may be some situations that a foreclosure is inevitable or a short sale solution is not for you

BUT, if you want to learn about what options may be available to you, find legitimate government sponsored agencies to help you,

and find resources to assist you to make informed decisions, then read more of my BLOG postings that provide preforeclosure

and foreclosure information....they are there to help you.  That is the reason why I have been posting them...is to help the

homeowner in distress because basically...I care.  You are under no obligation reading the BLOG postings.  Whether you contact

me or not, the information is available to you.

If you decide to call me...you may contact me  at #616-355-6326.

Janice Vanden Berg


Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt

SFR Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Certification,

CDPE Distressed Property Institute's Certified Distressed Property Expert



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