Behind on mortgage payments?...Contact your lender now...

Has this economy affected your job or career?  Have you been layed off?  Have you lost your job?

Has a death, divorce, disability, or employer downsizing causing you financial hardship?

Are you behind in your mortgage payments?  Do you have an ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan that has reset with higher payments that you can not afford?

Do you owe your lender(s) more than the current market value of your?

Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to turn?

Concerned about your home going into foreclosure?

If you want to stay in your home, you may be eligible to do a workout or loan modification program with your lender, please contact them immediately.  Do not delay...time is of the essence.

You may also speak with a MSHDA Counselor that will inform you of your options and may assist you with the process...go to click on link "Save the Dream" or call to speak with a MSHDA Counselor at #1-800-382-4568 or #1-866-946-7432. MSHDA is a legitimate government agency.  Don't fall victim to mortgage rescue scams.

Also, if you are considering a loan modification you may be eligible for the government sponsored Making Home Affordable's HAMP Home Affordable Modification learn more visit and click on the HAMP link.  Ask your lender if you may be eligible...there is a lender servicer list online too that you may look to see if your lender participates.        

If you are not eligible for a workout or loan modification program with your lender and you are considering a Short Sale of your home as an alternative to foreclosure, contact Janice  at #616-355-6326 for a free confidential consultation or email  (type in Request Short Sale Help in the subject line). You are under no obligation at all. 

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