The 5 Golden Rules of Home Staging on a Budget

The 5 Golden Rules of Home Staging on a Budget...

In this blog I want to share an article on RIS Media's House Call website by Nick Caruso published January 9, 2015.  

So many sellers think that they need to spend the big bucks to stage a home.  I thought this was a great article to share with sellers that when you show your homes best features by staging effectively, you increase your final selling price without breaking the bank.

Home Staging on a Budget:

Staging is a very important, and cost effective, part of the home selling process.  Staging your home to show off its qualities can only add to your final selling price.  On average, people receive $2 in increased sales price for every $1 they put into staging a home.

When staging your home for sale there are 5 Golden Rules to take into consideration as your work your way through each room of your home.

Golden Rule #1:

De-personalize...Buyers need to imagine them in your house - not you.  That wedding photo may mean the world to you but, to the buyer it's a distraction that prevents them from seeing a home for their family.

Golden Rule #2

Maximize...De-clutter and maximize the space in your home.  Closets packed tight with your clothes make a home look like it lacks closet space.  Consider temporarily storing the overflow off site.

Golden Rule #3

Sanitize...This golden rule is the easiest and cheapest way to stage your home - just clean it.  A sink full of dirty dishes is as unappealing to you just as it is to a buyer.  It is well worth the elbow grease in cleaning floors, walls, baseboards, ceiling fans and windows. 

Golden Rule #4

Modernize...Unless your home has unexceptional period built-ins, all homes could benefit from some updating.  If someone feels the home is dated, they will be reflect that feeling in a lower offer price.  Consider simple changes by swapping out gold fixtures for nickel or chrome.

Golden Rule #5

Neutralize...Color can make or break a buyer's interest in your home.  You may like that shocking red wall but, all the potential buyer sees is a great deal of painting in their future because red clashes with their style.  Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to change a look of a home.

To view the complete published article with more individual tips go to...

The Five Golden Rules of Home Staging on a Budget

A big thank you to Nick Caruso for publishing this article in RIS Media's House Call!

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