Understanding the Foreclosure Process...Michigan Foreclosure Time Line

To help in understanding Michigan's foreclosure process go to Michigan State Housing Development Authority's  (MSHDA) website...


Here you can learn more about Michigan's Foreclosure Time Line and suggestions on what to do.

If you want to keep your home and are considering a workout or loan modification program please stay in communication with your lender and if needed speak with a MSHDA Counselor for help, go to www.michigan.gov/mshda then in the lower right corner click on link "MSHDA-HUD Foreclosure Counseling Agencies" for your local contact information. 

Remember, It is very important to contact your lender right away and stay in communication with them. 

If you have received the pre-foreclosure notice in the mail or see the published "advertisement" in one of your county's newspaper...contact the bank's legal representative too listed on the notice.  Time is of the essence. You may be pleasantly surprised that there may be some type of program that provides relief to you.  By contacting the bank's legal representative they may be able to allow an extra 90 days before the foreclosure process starts (for State of Michigan homeowners).

BUT, if you are not able to afford to keep your home and are considering a Short Sale of your home...please call Janice at #616-355-6326 for a free confidential consultation regarding a Short Sale solution alternative to foreclosure. 

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