New life for Kalkaska County?

The historic Sieting Hotel in Kalkaska County has a new owner!  Jeff Sieting's great-great-grandfather's brother was the original owner and now the new Village President hopes to bring new life to the hotel and to Kalkaska County.

In phase one of the renovation, Jeff hopes to open a sort of 50's style soda shop and add some shops and boutiques to the main floor.

In phase two, he hopes to offer some apartments in the upper floor, hoping to address several different needs of the community.

Sieting is hoping to change the fact that Kalkaska has been overlooked for some time.  People just seem to drive through and it's not a destination for anybody.

Is the beginning of new life in Kalkaska?  We all hope so.  The Village is a desirable area with many beautiful, reasonably priced homes close to schools, hospitals and all the lakes and trails Northern Michigan has to offer. 

Keep your eyes and ears open...pretty soon, Kalkaska is going to become the place to be!

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