9 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home!

9 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Getting the most value out of your home when you sell is a top priority. Here are eight ways you can increase the property value on your home.

1. Get an Inspection

Not every improvement is seen with a quick glance. Hire an inspector to check out the roof, foundation and electrical system of your home. It's better to know what's wrong BEFORE you list your home. The longer you wait to repair, the more damage (and expensive) the fix will be. 

2. Spend Time With a Pro

Contact a Realtor or interior designer to come take a look at your property. Lots of Realtors will do this as a courtesy to help build a relationship between the agent and the seller. A realtor or designer can give you feedback from an outside perspective that you may not see. 

3. Paint

This simple and cost-effective improvement really can help sell your home. A fresh coat of paint to a deck, wall or even door can really give your home a fresh and new look. Remember - neutrals are best when painting your home to sell. No one wants to see a bright orange living room. 

4. Energy Efficient Appliances

Everyone loves to go green! While it may cost more upfront to install new energy efficient appliances - it will have a big payoff when selling. Most local utility companies can perform an audit to help find out what needs to be fixed.

5. Curb Appeal

This can be a cheap and easy fix! The second potential buyers pull up to the home they will get a feeling. If you're home has dead grass, broken shutters and chipping paint, chances are they will want to keep on driving. This year take the time to plant some flowers or add in sod where needed. 

6. Updates

Add a new backsplash or cabinet handles to the kitchen and bathrooms. If you can't afford all new replacements, focus on small things like changing lighting and faucets.

7. Tackle Everything One Step At  A Time

To keep yourself calm, cool and collected, make the commitment to focus on one area at a time. If you start working on the lawn while also trying to rip up carpet in the entire house, you'll likely feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Work in smaller doses with goals in mind to help keep all your projects achievable. 

8. Create More Space

No - we don't just mean cleaning out the closest. If it's in your budget, consider knocking out a non-structural wall to create more flow in the house. Many people love open floor plans. 

9.Work With a Realtor

We already recommend calling a Realtor for feedback on updates and other selling points, but our most important tip is to hire a professional to sell your home. An agent will know the ins and outs of the market to help price your home right. 



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