Dirty Secrets to Cleaning up Pet Messes in your Home




Dirty Secrets to Cleaning up Pet Messes in your Home


Methods for cleaning the 3 most common pet messes in your home.

We love our pets and we could even say that our house doesn’t feel like a home without them. In fact, as part of our “Home’s Best Friend” campaign Coldwell Banker has partnered with Adopt-a-Pet.com to help 20,000 dogs find loving homes in 2015. But, sometimes dogs can make home, well…a mess. Here are methods for cleaning the 3 most common pet messes in your home.


pet messes_welcome mat

Dogs have a natural tendency to chew, particularly when they’re younger and teething. To protect your furniture and clothing, try using this dog-safe product to deter Fido from turning your Jimmy Choos into Jimmy Chews.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there are several items that can be unsafe for your pup to get into. Reference this list from Adopt-a-Pet.com of 15 ways to keep your dog safe at home, including keeping cleaning products and electrical cords tucked out of reach.

Carpet Stains

pet messes_carpet stains
It is no secret that with dogs, come some inevitable carpet stains. From house-breaking mishaps to tummy-ache uh-ohs, our pets can have us considering replacing the area rug with astro-turf. A little knowledge from the experts at Adopt-a-Pet.comand the passionate pet lovers at Purina explains that dogs tend to choose their spot based on scent. If Spot can smell where he’s gone before, odds are he’ll choose it again.

Start by tackling old stains and then work on changing your pup’s behavior. Reward good behavior with positive reinforcement like healthy treats and lots of love. And because accidents happen, it can’t hurt to have some Purina® Pet Gear Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator on hand.



Does it sometimes feel like your dog leaves more hair behind than he has on his back? If your pup prefers your bed to his, here’s a way to make washing your bedspread easier. Because those cuddles are so worth it!
To learn more about how you can bring a dog into your home, visit the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project.

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