Home Décor Ideas That Won’t Break Bank

Home Décor Ideas That Won’t Break Bank

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When it comes redesigning your home we all have big ideas, but not always big wallets to match. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity and finesse to get the HGTV-approved look you’re going for, all while keeping an eye on your bank account.

Following are a few budget-friendly tips and tricks for your home decor.

Have fun with accessories

Fun with accessories | Source: Stacey Brandford

Fun with accessories | Source: Stacey Brandford

Give your living room a little low-budget oomph by updating the color scheme and patterns of your throw pillows and curtains. It’s a great simple step to change up the look and feel of your room. Add an area rug under the coffee table into the mix and you’re all set. Don’t be too concerned with everything being “matchy-matchy;” patterns, textures and colors are great for accents.

Non-traditional wall art

Source: Addicted2Decorating

Non-traditional art | Source: Addicted2Decorating

Get adventurous with wall art. Though there are the “go-to” standards like paintings and photographs, oversized mirrors add to the room by making it appear larger. Placing the mirror on the wall opposite of a window will also fill it with more natural light. Alternative option to consider for non-traditional décor is decorative plates. They add an interesting and delicate touch to any living or dining room, kitchen and even the foyer.

Furniture DIY

Before and after | Source: Sarah Gordon Home

Before and after | Source: Sarah Gordon Home

When splurging on new furniture isn’t an option, DIY projects can go a long way. Upholstering, or sewing a slip cover for your couch will give it a fresh new look. Another great money saving project is to revitalize your wooden pieces by staining, distressing, or painting them.

Grab a brush

Bold neutral | Source: Do's blog

Bold neutral | Source: Do’s blog

Painting doesn’t have to be a tedious all day task. Opt for painting an accent wall in your living room or bedroom to add some character. Choose a color that will vibe well with the rest of your décor. You can’t go wrong with a bold neutral or a complimentary color to your existing color scheme.


It’s all about perspective. Ask for a helping hand and re-arrange your existing furniture. It can make it look like you have completely new pieces without having spent a dime.

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