New Year, New Bathroom?

New Year, N

ew Bathroom?

 05 Bathroom Design Trends
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Sure, why not? I’m notorious for changing up the décor in my house, painting walls, buying new accent pieces and most recently adding hardwood floors to our family room. But now in 2015 I want an updated bathroom! Ok, maybe not completely renovated, but definitely some new elements. Before I get started I checked out the latest trends to see if I want to jump on board or forge my own design. Here are 5 trends that I found:

Free-standing soaking tubs. Forget the rain showers, now it’s about creating a space that not only looks appealing and soothing. Plus, the free-standing tub also provides a calming place to relax.

Freestanding soak tub

Bringing nature in. Adding live plants, installing natural stone or wood-like tiles, or incorporating a teak vanity can help give your space a natural serene beauty.
add plants to the bathroom

Keep color simple. Even in the midst of winter, grey tones win out as the go-to colors. Just be sure to pick the right shade and liven up the space with colorful accents, metallic fixtures or unique tiles.

keep color simple

Fantastic floor tiles. Using a unique floor tile, design or color can spice up the entire space. And, since your bathroom is relatively small, this special feature won’t be overwhelming.

fabulous bathroom tiles
It’s all about warm toes. My bathroom floor is so cold even my cats are now jumping from bathmat to bathmat to avoid the frigid tile. By adding radiant heated floors you can enjoy a special luxury and avoid having freezing feet (or freezing cats).


I may try a few of these trends in my bathroom makeover , but if I only accomplish one thing this year it will be heated floors! My feet will thank me. Any trends you hope to try?

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