The X’s & O’s of Hosting a Game-Changing Super Bowl Party

The X’s & O’s of Hosting a Game-Changing Super Bowl Party


Prep your home for the big game with these tips.
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The X’s and O’s of Hosting a Game-Changing Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re looking to show off your new house, or your fancy Ultra, Super, Blinding High Definition TV (or whatever new model they’re promoting these days), hosting a Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be difficult.

A combination of strategic seating, guest guidelines and the proper food and drinks, are all you need to be a successful host, and thwart any chance of your friends avoiding your invitation for next year’s game.

Following are a number of tips you can reference, as you’re planning the biggest bash your house may ever see in its lifetime; so make it a good one.

The Set-Up. Be sure to utilize the biggest viewing space in your house – maybe it’s the living room, or it could be your basement. If you’re hosting a fairly large group of people, that expansive space will make it easier for your guests to move about. If you’re only working with a glorified love seat, it’s okay to source a few chairs, or pieces of furniture from the rest of your place, to ensure there’s plenty of seating.

The Game Plan. If your invite list is in the double digits, and some guests are further removed from your close circle of friends, then they may not have visited your home before. Be sure to give them a quick rundown of where your bathrooms are located, so you‘re not being nagged, as you’re running out to the garage to get more bags of ice for drinks. If you don’t want your visitors to use your master or more private bathroom upstairs, be sure to also point out which ones you prefer they use.

Overcome the Weather. It might snow – no, it will snow, so create a very obvious spot for guests to place their boots and shoes, to ensure your carpet doesn’t look like the outside, post-event. A waterproof rubber shoe mat could be a great long term investment, if you don’t have one already. Also, you need a coat room, utilize a guest bedroom, or an office as a space to temporarily store everyone’s winter items.

Refreshments and Sustenance. Enlist anybody and everybody to help you with preparation and real-time service during the Big Game. For example, designate a family member and/or a loyal friend to handle drinks, to ensure everyone gets a refreshment of their choice (be sure to have a variety of beers and mixed drinks on hand) when they arrive. Also, make it easier on yourself, offer up a menu that’s simple to make/maintain, and utilize slow cookers when possible to easily create delicious items in bulk. Also, take advantage of your great furnishings. Lay out pretzels, chips, etc. on coffee or end tables, so guests can easily grab a snack as they’re watching TV. Kitchen islands are also a perfect spot to create a self-service, buffet style food set up.

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