Top 5 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Listing Agents

Top 5 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Listing Agents

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Selling your home is an emotional process, as well as a large financial decision. To make sure you’re hiring the right agent for the job, here are the top five questions you should ask during the interview:

  1. What kind of presence does your company have and how does that benefit me and my home?Presence matters more than some agents and companies would like you to think. In this global market, buyers may not come from the next neighborhood. You need an agent that offers an international presence and is fully represented around the world.

    As we all know connections matter, and having an agent with connections outside of the area is a benefit to you in the sale of your home. It doesn’t cost you any more to list your home with an international company, and the benefits that you will receive are priceless.
  2. What kinds of marketing activities will you do to promote my home?
    Every agent will get your house on the MLS and some local websites, as well as the larger third party portals. To maximize the online exposure you want to make sure your agent will have professional photos taken and create a video of your listing. Google ranks video above everything else, so it’s more important than ever to have a listing video for your home.

    If the agent says they will hold Open Houses every weekend, make sure to ask why. A majority of the time, agents host Open Houses to pick up potential buyers - not necessarily to sell your home. Your agent should be promoting your home, not themselves.
  3. How did you come up with the listing price?
    Pricing a home for sale is an art and a science. Good agents will take their time and do their homework after they spend time with you looking at your home. So you shouldn’t expect a price on the first visit. 

    Let them see what sets your home apart, then go back to the office to look at the current competition and recent sales. When the agent comes back for a second visit, he should walk through the comparable properties with you, talk to you about the differences, and give you a listing price. Make them do the homework so you’ll know the right price to sell your home without leaving money on the table.
  4. How will you represent me during the transaction?
    Your agent will be your advocate throughout the listing and sale process. She will keep you informed of the requirements along the way - from staging it prior to listing, to getting it showing ready, to walking you through thecontract details.

    You will probably have a lot of questions, and you should always be free to ask them. He will keep you informed of upcoming deadlines, guide you through negotiations, and keep the process moving forward to a successful closing.
  5. How will we communicate throughout the process?
    The right answer to this question is “Any way you want me to.” Everyone has unique needs when selling their home, and you are no different. Whatever approach to communication that works best for you is the style she should use. 

    Regardless of the way, it should be open and honest in both directions. Your agent isn’t a mind reader, so you need to speak up when you have questions. And you aren’t the expert in real estate, so she will need to answer your questions fully and in a timely manner.

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You can help set the tone of the relationship during the interview process. Every agent brings something unique to the table, and this is their chance to shine as well as your chance to find the one that is the right fit for you. Take the time to interview a few agents. The small investment of your time upfront will create a better overall experience for you.

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