It's the Greatest Show in West Michigan

Ottawa Beach State Park, Park Township, MI / Photo by Jim Barry

It's the greatest show in West Michigan and it's happenning every evening along the shores of Lake Michigan. ­I'm talking about­ a lovely sunset over Lake Michigan and it's as beautiful a sight as you'll find anywhere in the world. ­What's better than a day at the beach spent swimming and relaxing in the sun. ­Then as the day winds down,­grab a beach blanket and setle down as the sun takes a final bow. ­

In the Holland area, the Ottawa Beach State Park is one of the most popular destinations to watch the sunsets from. ­My wife Liza and I like to sit next to the channel getting a view of the Big Red lighthouse and watching a­ procession of boats making their way in and out of Lake Macatawa. ­Eventually we turn our beach chairs to the west as­ the sun starts it's slow decent below the horizon.

To help you catch every glorious ­moment of West Michigan sunsets I've produced a Lake Michigan Sunset Guide letting you know what time the sun sets every day all summer long. ­It's printed on a high quality post card stock and will look great on a bulletin board or on your refirgerator.


To get your copy of my­Lake Michigan Sunset Guide, just shoot me an email at with your name and address and I'll mail a copy directly to you. ­Whether you're new to the area or are a long term resident of West Michigan you probably know our sunsets are­ just one reason West Michigan is such a great place to call home. ­

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