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Selling your Home in Winter-Here are some tips that can make your House SHINE to prospective buyers.

1. Clear the WAY:

-Remove as much of the snow and ice as possible to keep build up from forming and causing difficulty to your buyers from getting to your home.

-Make sure that there is cleared access to key entrances

-Be sure to have shovel, sand and deicer handy

-Provide a mat that your buyers and agents can place their shoes while viewing the home.

2. Let there be LIGHT

-Pull up all the blinds and open shutters to allow maximum light in.

-Turn on all the lights ahead of time to each room.

3. Turn on the HEAT

-Heat that house a few degrees warmer before showing, turn down thermostat before leaving. Give it a warm welcome to the guests.

-If you have a fireplace or wood burner that is a center point, start a fire to make the house COZY, especially on a COLD Day.

4. Atmosphere

-Here is an opportunity to have the house come alive...If you have a nice sound system without commercial breaks have playing as background Music.

-Create a spa like feeling in your bathrooms by using decorative pieces to tie it all together.

-Place Winter flowers in Living room and rooms that could use some staging.

-Be careful of Scents, some people are highly sensitive or allergic to them.

5. Make it Visually POP

-Display Photographs and artwork that compliment the room, careful, too much can be cluttering and a turn of to buyers.

-CLEAN everything that is eyesight of the buyer and agents, this, includes: cobwebs, vacuum, windows, ceiling fans, carpet, light fixtures and switches, appliances, sinks, floors and rooms.

-Empty trash and recycling Bins

-re-caulk if needed

6. Technology

-If you cant be home to stage the house with the lights, use timers and preset them before agents and buyers arrive.

-Make sure your answering devices are turned to mute, have all computers and TVs off too.

-Motion sensors can be a nice addition for lighting in areas around the outside of the house.


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