Muskegon is back


Muskegon received more positive national media attention when it was named one of America's five cities back from the dead. This article was seen or heard in publications including USA Today, Yahoo Finance, 24/7 Wall St, WJR Radio and others. 

The article cited: Muskegon's 8.4 unemployment percentage point drop was the third largest drop in the country during that period. As the unemployment rate fell, the labor force grew modestly, at 0.7% between August 2010 and August 2014, further reinforcing the strength of Muskegon's rebound. Employment growth in the financial and manufacturing sectors, which together accounted for nearly 30% of Muskegon's workforce, likely drove the area's rebound. The number of jobs in the manufacturing sector has risen by nearly 5% since the beginning of 2014

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