Young Professionals Guide to Real Estate

Is it a buyer's or seller's market? Depending on what Real Estate you want to buy or sell, what your current financial and personal situation are, It could be both. We are coming back to a balanced market, it is no longer the buyer's market of 2 years ago or the seller's market of 2005. Here is some info for both sides of the coin:

If you are thinking about buying a great resource is this short article from Home Buying

If you like a LOT of information you can always check out their Buying vs. Renting Field Guide

Also, if you are thinking of selling you have to check out these Home Seller's Basics

Finally, maybe you are on the fence. Should I sell, or should I remodel? Get the answers here.

My opinion, start by finding a professional who can help you navigate the waters of Real Estate transaction. When buying or selling one of the biggest assets you will even have it is wise to have some keen help!

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