The Reality of CHRISTmas

We are down to three days until Christmas!

I found myself being drained of energy & excitement today as I was finishing up some shopping.  I LOVE the people I buy gifts for and spend quite a bit of time thinking of things that will show that love.

The sad news is, time is running out, people are getting tired, spending too much money & struggling to find that perfect gift.

Now as I reflect on the season, filled with decorating, parties, the cheer deer (our version of elf)  food & LOTS of good intentions, I have decided to STOP & remember to replace hustle, bustle, hurry and worry with my intentions of  love, joy, peace, kindness & cheer. 

The greatest gift has already been given, with the greatest love I will ever know.  I thank you God for Jesus!


Karri Schmehil

Karri Schmehil

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