The VAUE of a Professional

Do (NOT) do it yourself!

How many times have you said, "Oh, I can do that!" And after you get started, it's NOT going quite as you planned and definetely NOT how you had played it out in your head!  Laying new kitchen flooring, tiling the shower, giving your son a haircut...

 You have a plan and good intentions, thinking you might save a few $$. Unfortunately, so many times you end up paying more to get it fixed.

There are PROFESSIONALS, there is a REASON they do what they do! 

So, you are thinking about selling your Home.  

Are you willing to risk the biggest investment of your life?

Potentially LOSING money on the sale of your HOME?

And that is IF you sell. 

There is NOTHING saved if you DON'T sell the house!

Save yourself time, grief, and $$!




Karri Schmehil

Karri Schmehil

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