Here we are at the end of a year and the beginning of another!

I was thinking about what our Family does to celebrate.  And then I started thinking about HOW those became tradition.

There are MANY things that each of us do that have become a part of us, our families (passed on throughout generations), that  impact our friends and even our world!

Many will be gathering with friends or family, counting down to the start of the new year,watching the ball drop or spinning noisemakers at midnight.

I hope your 2016 is FILLED with traditions that bring you JOY and  bring a SMILE to those who continue them!

Full Definition of tradition

  1. 1a :  an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom)b :  a belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable

  2. 2 :  the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction

  3. 3 :  cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions

  4. 4 :  characteristic manner, method, or style <in the best liberal tradition>


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