Vacationers BEWARE

We have had some beautiful weather in the White Lake area for the last couple of weeks!

On one of those beautiful days, I brought my sons to the lake.  They love to skim board!  I love to people watch.

We live in an area that attracts locals and MANY vacationers.

As I watched my boys, 2 women who appeared to be mother and daughter were laying on the beach and started getting off their towels to see a flock of seagulls coming in.

It was about 11 am and a family with 2 younger people were close by and eating a snack.

Seagulls (also known as flying rats) can smell ANY food the second it is opened!

These woman at first were excited, even got out their cameras.  They learned very quickly that seagulls are NOT majestic birds!

The large group of seagulls swooped in making all kinds of noise...

The older of the 2 woman DOVE into her towel, the other woman retreated slowly back on to her towel.

After the seagulls landed and scavenged for about 5 minutes, they calmed down and dipersed to different areas of the beach.

The older woman never got back up before I left and the younger woman sat up the rest of the time, as if she was on guard.

There are MANY amazing sights, people and critters in West Michigan.

SEAGULLS are NOT one of those!

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