Has your housing needs changed?

Has your housing needs changed? Are you a growing family, or have you recently became an empty nester? I have been an empty nester for at least 6 years. Its the natural progression of being a parent. Im proud of the lives my three girls are living. I do miss them. But, with modern media staying in touch is so easy.

Speaking of modern media such as Facebook. My biological sisters have just found me!. I was adopted at a year old from Carson City Nevada. I knew the story surrounding my adoption. I knew I had two older sisters. I actually did register with a company that will cross reference you if someone is looking for you too, so you don't go knocking on doors where your not wanted. My biological mom passed away a few years ago which ended up revealing the adoption papers along with my adopted parents names. My oldest sister Laurie remembers holding me and has wanted to find me all her life. With the names it made it seem easy. It wasn't. Its taken her over 5 years to finally have her daughter find me on facebook.

A friend once said after finding his biological family that, as much as you think you know yourself. You won't really until you find your family. Well, I now have loving sisters eager to meet me.. brother in laws, nieces, nephews and uncles... I even have in-laws of nephews all talking to me on Facebook. I think it is safe to say...

My Family has certainly grown again.


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