Timing is Everything

Timing is everything.


You’ve heard the phrase ring true in various spheres—the real estate market is no exception.


Let me tell you a story about a recent client of mine who sold their lakefront property.


Watch the video here!





We listed their home in March 2016, just in time for the Michigan spring thaw. The season transitioned into summer with very little interest from buyers.  


I continued to strategize with my seller on a regular basis. We felt our price was right based on other properties that had sold prior to ours hitting the market.


The flaw that many real estate agents have is an unwillingness to consult other experts in their field. Realizing the importance of working well with all realtors and maintaining a positive influence with my peers, I consulted with one of my colleagues to review the marketing strategy that we had in place.


We learned through this interaction that we were doing everything right, but what we needed to understand was that timing was the essential component. We began to realize that with this property and the unique aspects that it had to offer, that most of the activity would begin after the 4th of July.


We took this to heart, and developed a Facebook marketing campaign to reach a specific demographic. Utilizing all of the most important online marketing tools available, we focused the delivery of our market immediately after the 4th of July.


Within 14 days, we had an incredible increase in showing activity, which yielded a buyer paying almost full asking price for the home.


So the lesson to learn is that developing a strategy for your specific property is essential to you meeting your real estate goals.


Part of my expertise is to strategically help people during critical times in their lives --


So don’t move until you call me, Kevin Alderink!



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