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I got tired of going through the dreaded cupboard that always seemed to be completely unorganized.  Even after straightening it out from time to time, before long it was back to the same annoying mess.  Good luck trying to find the random tape measure, light bulb, tube of superglue or iPhone accessory on short notice!   After feeling a sense of needing some sort of winter project to keep me occupied, I finally decided to make a fun thing out of getting more organized and began with this cupboard.  I started with buying some nice looking cloth totes I found at the dollar store.  They came in 3 different sizes that fit nicely in my cupboard and were inexpensive at $3.00-$5.00 each.  I typed out a list of categories based on what was in the cupboard and printed it in a stylish colored font on some card stock.  I cut the categories into small labels and used bobby pins to attach one label to each tote.  I labeled one of the larger totes “This and That” for those miscellaneous items.  One item at a time I began removing items from the cupboard and placing them in the appropriate tote.  In the process, I eliminated, combined and added some categories.  I also found there were many things that were ready to be thrown away.  After filling the totes, I placed them neatly in the cupboard so I could easily read each label.  Wow!  What a difference.  Now when I need a battery, screwdriver or roll of tape, I know exactly where to find them and where to put them when I was done.  However, this wasn’t the only problem area in my house that needed organizing.  In efforts to avoid getting overwhelmed, I decided to tackle one or two cupboards, drawers or closets per week.  That way the goal was more realistic and it gave me time to come up with more inexpensive and creative ideas to organize each space.  Here is picture of the cupboard after.  Since this is the first blog I ever wrote, I didn’t plan ahead and include a picture of what it looked liked before.  Stay tuned…I look forward to sharing my next idea. 

Real Estate tip:  If you plan to list your home for sale, it’s always a good idea to get organized first if at all possible.  It will make a good impression on a buyer who happens to open a random cupboard or closet and find that it is neat and organized.  The home will appear to offer ample storage space for the buyer’s everyday items and will leave an impression that the home is easy to keep organized.

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