Selling in the winter...

Selling a home in the winter can be quite stressful. The lawn is brown, the weather is usually bad and, unlike the longer days of summer, you have less time to show it off during daylight hours! The winter season makes staging your home all the more important. If you put a little effort into it, you could get the results you are looking for! 

Here are some tips to help get your home sold this winter:

  • Use the season to your advantage – it’s easy to make your home warm & cozy during the winter. Decorate your home with winter wreaths and candles, and make sure to have the fire going during your showings.
  • Consider the area you live in – Advertise the local winter sports to do in your area. Highlight fun things to do as a family or fun places to go in the winter.
  • Protect your investment - Ask realtors to have buyers remove their shoes or boots, this shows buyers that you take pride in your home and have kept it nice.
  • Give your home a sweet aroma – The favorite smell is chocolate chip cookies. But other smells are great too. This puts buyers at ease and gives them a sense of comfort. Don’t over do it though.
  • Make a good first impression – Treat the people at your showings as if they were guests in your home. Have a plate of cookies for your guests, some warm cider or even chilled bottles of water.
  • Set-up timers – Making your home look welcoming at all times is ideal. But you’re not home all the time, so put your indoor and outdoor lights on timers. Is there enough illumination around your front entrance to look inviting?
  • Emphasize winter positives - Is your home on a bus route or some other vital service that means it's plowed or de-iced regularly in bad weather? Be sure to mention that to the buyers.
  • Play music softly in the background – Creating a little atmosphere, could be a great thing. People could stay around longer.
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