8 Things You Need To Have In Your House

We all know about the vital things we should have at home. Water, toilet paper, a tool kit, a first aid kit, batteries - these are the givens. But there are other things you might not have thought about. Things that can serve multiple purposes and provide surprising uses (we're talking to you, tub of Vaseline).

1. Vinegar

The uses for vinegar are many and varied and surprising. In fact,Reader's Digest has a whopping 150 uses for the liquid, including cleaning your rugs, your windows, your kitchen, brightening up brickwork, revitalizing wood floors, and unclogging drains. Who knew salad dressing was so vital.

2. Duct tape

Not only can it repair a vacuum hose or remove dog hair from your couch when you can't find the lint roller, it can also double as a toy for your kids in a pinch or even serve as the material for their prom attire.

3. Vaseline

Before you use the whole tub to soften your lips, set a little aside to "stop squeaky door hinges, prevent frozen locks, and remove watermarks on wood," said Apartment Therapy.

4. One of these - Click Here.

5. Baby wipes

Don't have young kids or kids at all? Doesn't matter. Baby wipes should still be your best friend. They can do everything from helping to remove paint from baseboards to removing stains from microfiber upholstery to acting as dusters for between chair slats or blinds.

6. Baby powder

Another thing you should have in the house even with no kids. Sprinkle it into squeaky wood floors to get rid of the annoying sound. Or in front of doors and windows to keep ants away.

7. Plastic wrap

The same stuff that will keep your food fresh can help keep out drafts if air is getting in through older windows. It's also a great way to keep paint fresh—just put a layer over your paint can before putting the lid on.

8. All of these things. - Click Here.

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