Home Heating Bills to Get Pricier This Year

Households should expect to pay more for heat this winter, as prices for natural gas, electricity, and propane are projected to inch higher, the Energy Department reports in its forecast released Tuesday.

More than 90 percent of homes will likely face higher heating expenses during this year’s cold season.

Households using natural gas will pay, on average, about $679 for heat -- about 13 percent higher than prices a year ago. However, it is 4 percent below the average for the previous five winters, the Energy Department notes.

Households that use electricity for heat will likely pay about 2 percent more for heat than last year, the Energy’s Department forecast notes.

Meanwhile, heating oil users should see their heating bill drop by about 2 percent this year. But despite the drop, they’re still paying the second highest average on record, $2,046. Last year, they paid on average $2,092.

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