Home Warranties and Home Insurance: What’s the Difference?

While looking for a new home, you can expect to hear quite a bit about home warranties and home insurance. They help cover the cost of repairs or replacements for certain aspects of a new home, but they’re not the same thing.

Confused about the difference between home warranties and home insurance? These are a few ways that they differ:

  • Insurance covers structural damage to a house due to adverse weather, fire or vandalism. It also covers the loss of personal property that’s stolen or damaged in natural disasters, as well as injuries suffered by people on your property.
  • Warranties cover routine repairs for appliances, heating systems, plumbing issues and electrical problems. Some cover the cost of replacing broken appliances under certain conditions.
  • Insurance is required by mortgage companies, while warranties are not. If you do purchase a warranty, it’s usually good for 30 days. Most companies will offer you the option to renew your warranty when that time is up.

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