Is Beige Boring You? 4 Bright Neutral Colors for Any Room

Neutral wall colors don’t have to be the usual beiges and whites. If you want to stick to neutral tones without boring potential home buyers, there are several other colors to choose from. Adding a bit more brightness to your home increases its visual appeal and improves your chances of finding a buyer faster.

These bright neutral colors will liven up any room and make a great impression on buyers:

  • Sage: This soft, muted shade of green gives rooms a more cheerful and slightly earthy look. It goes with many other colors, so it’s easy enough for homeowners to find furniture and decor that complements the walls. It can also be artfully decorated with certain contrasting colors.
  • Gold: This yellowish shade brightens up rooms without being overpowering. It’s easy on the eyes and looks great with earthy hues, like browns and greens, and other neutral colors.
  • Gray: Gray might sound like a dull choice for a wall color, but it gives life to any room. Warmer grays make rooms feel cozier, and cooler shades of gray have a calming effect. For the best results, use a flat paint if you go with gray.
  • Brown: Brown tones are a good choice if you’re not quite ready to move too far away from beige. There are some surprisingly bright neutral colors in shades of brown that will give rooms a comfortable and inviting feel.

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