Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Sell Or Remodel?

Sometimes we grow tired of the same old thing and our first instinct might be to move on. That may be the perfect solution but remodeling might also be the answer.

The best way to determine if you should be calling your expert real estate agent or your expert remodeler is to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard to make some notes about your ultimate goals for your home. Doing this will allow you to comparatively consider and see which things matter most. For instance, some people love their home but not the street they live on. That might bother them so much that it's worth the move or at least house-hunting, to see what the options look like. Others, might find the neighborhood perfect but their home is on the small side. A talented remodeler can usually help by creatively gaining both square footage and a great design. Whichever the case, weighing your options before making a rash decision will prove to be advantageous in the long run.

Start by considering things like the location. This is vital because if you live inland and you want a nearby ocean view, a move is likely going to be mandatory. But if there's flexibility in what you want, say, a distant ocean view, then maybe a room addition on the second or third floor might suffice, or, even a rooftop garden that allows you to do your gardening while catching a glimpse of the ocean off in the distance.

If you have school age children, the quality of the nearby schools and extracurricular activities will weigh in heavily when it comes to the location and deciding whether you should remodel your home or sell. If you're in an excellent school district and you have kids, you'll likely be inclined to want to stay in the area. Housing options might be tight because others are looking for the same things you want–a good house within the school district. However, if your kids are grown or you're childless, then maybe listing your home on the market might be ideal. You might find that you can sell for a nice price because families will find your home appealing. In this case, selling could be ideal for you. You could then relocate and use the funds to remodel your next home to your liking.

Weigh the price of selling and moving versus remodeling. This will depend on how much of the home you wish to change. Sometimes very simple and small improvements can go a long way in creating your dream home. Other times, you'll find that changing one area of the home leads to the desire to change another, and another, and yet another. This can become quite costly. It's akin to trying on an outfit that is maybe three times your size...sure it can be tailored but, if it's that big on you, perhaps, another dress would better suit you.

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