The 10 Things We're Mad About This March For Your Home

March Madness. The time when even those people who previously had zero interest in team sports don a cap, fill out a bracket, and scream like maniacs for their college team.

It's just about to take over our TVs - and the American psyche - for weeks. And we welcome the opportunity to pick our teams from random, pick according to the uniforms we like best, by places we've been or want to go, and, especially, by win - loss records at home and on the road, free throw percentage, and turnovers.

Alas, we may be just as mad for the NCAA Tournament as the next guy (or girl), but we never lose our passion for homes. In honor of March Madness, here are 10 things we're mad about this month.

1. Motorized shades.

Natural light is great. But not when it's blinding you while you're cooking dinner. Or casting shadows on your flat screen. The answer for just about any window - but especially those that are not within easy reach - is just a push button away.

2. Animal print rugs.

They're classic, they can pass for neutral when needed, and they always jazz up a space.

Want to modern up the look? Choose a rug with gray scale.

3. A hammered metal coffee table.

It's got a nifty shape, it's in the finish of the season, and the top lifts off so you can store stuff inside.

4. Groovy wallpaper you can leave as is, or color in and customize.

Perfect for the little - or big - artist at home.

5. Peacock blue paint.

It's moody. It's glamorous. It's a pain to cover over when you're ready for a change, but who cares?!

6. Something sexy over the table.

Not only can it bring some atmosphere to your space, but make you feel sexier at the table.

7. A LaCornue Range.

They start just under $7,000 and climb to about $35,000, but just think about all the money you'd save by cooking at home every night on something so glorious.

8. Sliding or bi - fold doors.

They disappear to give you the ultimate indoor - outdoor environment. If you can swing it, the expense of ripping out some drywall and replacing it with glass is worth it.

9. Decadent deco tile.

A floor that'll make you swoon is its own reward.

10. The Philippe Stark Ghost Chair.

It's legendary and luscious. And it costs abut $400. For one. If that's too steep, you can take your chances with a knockoff, or head to IKEA for a similar look.

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