Tips for Showing Homes in Snowy Weather

Showing a home in snowy, wintery weather is a challenge. Factors like curb appeal and lighting don’t exactly work to your advantage during winter, but there are still ways to highlight your property and make a good impression. Here are some tips to help make your property more visible and appealing during the winter.

Dig out the sign.

High snow banks or a recent snowfall can bury that sign you have outside. Shovel around your sign so it’s visible to any passerby – you want them to know you’re still open for business despite the elements. A “For Rent” sign will also help renters attending your showing find you when door numbers and mailboxes are obscured due to snow.

Clear the paths.

Keep your home as visible and easy to get to as possible. Shovel out the driveway, steps, and front paths so they’re clear of snow and ice. Tall piles of snow that hide the home from view should be shoveled down. Melt ice with salt instead of sand, which can leave dirty track marks when everyone comes inside.

Turn on the lights.

Brightly lit room can chase away some of the dark, gray winter light. Throwing open the blinds and windows to get better light won’t always work, so make sure each room has bulbs that work. Add lamps if needed to get rid of the dreary mood a badly lit apartment can give off.

Add some color.

Along with turning on the lights, add some charm to the rooms by adding splashes of color. A bright throw blanket and pillows on the couch, a wreath on the door, or a bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter can play up the room and make it seem more like home to potential residents.

Think cozy.

Renters coming in from the freezing cold will instantly relax if you have warm scents or even a hot beverage waiting for them. Set out a fragrant candle or diffuser, put on a pot of coffee or tea to use scent to set the scene for a warm welcome.

Turn on the heat.

It makes sense to turn down the thermostat when a unit is empty, but don’t forget to turn it back up when you have a showing scheduled. A warm and comfortable home will encourage renters to wander around and take time to see all the features, while a cold home could result in a speedy showing so everyone can get back to the warmth of their cars.

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