Beautiful Autumn Day

Hello Everyone.Its my Favorite time of year again.I absolutely love the Autumn season here in Northern Michigan.

Cooler Temps , football season , The leaves are starting to change .For anyone that knows me, that only means one thing to me , Halloween! I wait for it all year. Some people wait for Halloween decorations to hit the stores.For me , some are year around home decor.

I have recently been blessed with four absolutely adorable grandchildren.My son has found his pre made family.It makes this special time of year even better to have little ones to enjoy it with.You can bet grandma is having a great time also.

Perfect time to go out and enjoy a fall tour around Bellaire, Central Lake or Alden.Bonfires,hoodies,caramel apples and Cider are plentiful throughout the area.

You will soobn be able to take the family through The tunnel of trees.It is a tradition imn my family and very much wworththe short road trip.

I hope everyone haas a sxafe and enjoyable Fall season.I will check back with you soon

Linda Adams

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