Different Types of Flooring- Pros and Cons

Different Types of Flooring- Pros and Cons

Thinking about updating flooring in your home?  This is a quick summary of popular types of flooring, and what attracts people to them:

Carpet- Comfortable and warm, absorbs sound, limitless colors and textures, susceptible to staining

Hardwood (solid)- naturally beautiful, can be refinished multiple times, can be problematic in high humidity

Hardwood (engineered)- More durable and resistant to moisture than solid hardwood, typically can only be refinished twice

Laminate- Easy to install for DIYers, does not scratch like wood (very durable), durability and ease of installation will vary depending on brand/quality

Vinyl- Very durable and inexpensive, available in tiles or sheet, wide selection of styles

Ceramic Tile- Low maitenence, beautiful, can be cold on the feet

Cork- Green/renewable resource, hypo allergenic, great insulation, easy install, susceptible to water damage and denting

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