I'll be legal! 1-13-14

Talked to Sharon at the Michigan State Bureau of Licensing, and she said that my license went active this morning!! Yea!! I sent her thanks, hugs, and flowers through the phone and she laughed and laughed. So-o-o, in the next 24 - 48 hrs it should update throughout the system and I will be able to access all the programs. Woo Hoo! 

First appt. tomorrow to look at a possible listing. An experienced, (and very nice) realtor will be going with us to help us out. So nice of him. We have several potential clients, but we want to do it right so it takes some time. This is a pre-listing visit to gather info so we can come back to the office and find comps, get tax info, and work out a realistic listing price so the house will sell. Our fellow agents say that things will really heat up in a couple of months, so we want to learn how to do everything correctly and be ready. Fun, fun, fun!

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