Five Ways to Make Hard Decisions Easier

Decision Making Made Easy:

I received this from Dave Ramsey's website:

Fear is one of the biggest reasons we don't make decisions, especially tough decisions!  Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of success are all reasons we choose to stay in our comfort zone.  We choose to stay in a dead end job because we are afraid of having to "start over", we choose to not answer the phone because it might be a bill collector or someone we have to have a tough conversation with.  Fear can do two things, motivate you or paralyze you. 

If you are faced with a big decision, Dave suggests the following:

1) Set a deadline - by the end of the day I will decide to...

2) Take your time - measure it by the amount of money it will cost, time involved, and the number of people involved/affected.

3) Gather options - always have a plan "A" and a plan "B"

4) Gather information - information removes fear

5) Avoid financial risks - be sure you can handle the financial side of the decision, if the results mean disaster

Decisions are a part of all our lives.  "By having the right elements in place, the process is much, much easier.  Fear tends to melt away.  As with anything, there's no guarantee you won't make a mistake.  But instead of killing your business, you chalk it up to a lesson learned."

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