It's riding time again!

I think we can finally say goodbye to Old Man Winter. It was a pretty winter, with lots of snow, but it really out stayed its welcome. Another great year here for the snowmobiles, skiing, and all the other winter sports, but now it's our turn. Time to get back on the motorcycles and hit the roads and trails.

If you are a rider, like I am, Northern Michigan can be frustrating in the spring, with cold weather hanging on so long. As much as we enjoy the changing of the seasons, it's spring & summer that we long for. Living in an area that is blessed with some of the best roads that you can ride anywhere, and a trail system second to none, Antrim County is a bikers paradise. The center of all the best rides in the midwest. With places like Leelanau Peninsula, Mackinaw, Petoskey, The Tunnel of Trees, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and so many other cool places less than 2 hours away. All on beautiful roads, with multiple routes going to each one, and each one with its own beauty. If it's the trails you like, The Kalkaska, Tomahawk, Leedsville, & Grand Traverse are just some of the nearby trails that get you from Grand Traverse & Kalkaska Counties in the south, to Emmett, Antrim, & Otsego to the north. Sand, hills, mud, a little of everything is available here. 

The best way to experience all that this area offers to riders is to have a home here, and property values in this area are still relatively affordable, when compared with other resort areas. Condos and homes can still be bought at prices less than a new mid range car. While its true home values have been steadily increasing everywhere, as the real estate market makes a comeback, prices, just like the pace of life, move a little slower here. Which is a good thing, if we take advantage of it. I wouldn't count on these prices staying at these levels, or the mortgage rates, for very long. So if you are thinking about getting a little place "Up North", or maybe a nice piece of hunting land, or even a lakefront home, now is probably the best time we'll see to purchase.  Click image to see more:

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