It's been a while...

Spring keeps springing & un-springing here. Mid 70's today-low 40's tomorrow. Hard to get things done outside. Finally got the lawn cleaned up and mowed this past weekend. Nice to see a freshly mowed lawn- especially mine.Would of had a nice bonfire last night but the wind was all wrong for that.

  As for the business end up here things have been very busy the last 10 days. I have a couple new listings- one on a canal on Houghton Lake and another 10 acres hunting/building property in Higgins Lake. Also have signed buyer contracts with 3 new clients looking for waterfronts- yah!! Lots of activity at Houghton Lake this weekend Many homeowners up to open up the lakefront cottages for the season. That's nice to see.  Hopefully I'll snag a few more of those waterfront listings soon!

  The next thing on the to-do list will be the annual putting in the dock and boats for the season. My boys Michael & John are handling it this year ( about time). When that's done I'm sure I'll get some visitors- been kinda lonely up here since January, not that I'm complaining, I still get to live in a wonderful place.

Come on up and see me soon,

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