Waiting for open water

With these warm temps and sunshine forcasted for the next 10 days we may see the lakes open up sooner than average. For the last 4 years we've been on Houghton Lake  it has opened up on or within a few days of April 10th. I think we may see that happen closer to April 1st this year. ( I hope). There are still ice fisherman out on the lake as of this morning although they were standing in about 6 inches of water. Talk about die-hards!. I really hate this time of year as everything is either gray, smashed down from snowpiles or mud :(  Oh well, just have to be patient. Things are picking up here at Coldwell Banker so that's a good thing. Another good thing is my wife Roxanne and dog Sammy are coming up this weekend. Can't wait. I really miss Sammy.

See ya on the lake,

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