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Everyday real estate agents ask if there is many showings on our listings?  The answer is yes and no... about four weeks ago the buyers and the activity that goes along with their viewing of listings slowed off.

Currently the activity from other agents asking to show our listings is slim.  Buyer activity appears to follow the stock market, the weather and somewhat schools going back in session.

So what do you do to get back on track with your business?

Mailings, calendars, price reductions, open houses, FSBo's, expireds, door knocking, NEVER missing floor time, NEVER missing sales meetings...

The old adage that the agent that works the most hours makes the most money probably isn't an old adage.

Maybe it's time to keep track of the productive hours you spend actually working on the your business?

We used to say,  "that one listing equalled one sale."   Now it's more like 5-6 listings equal one sale.

Take an inventory of your listings and you can easily predict your next three to six months income.

Ask yourself in your next listing appointment, "what am I doing that will fascinate and persuade the seller to connect with me?  When at your listing appointment remember "you are in the zone, or the peak performance experience time."  Distraction in sales is our greatest enemy. 

It's your job as a Realtor to be more fascinating than what's distracting your client from doing business with you. 


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