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 Smartphone OS wars to heat up - winners will be real estate buyers and sellers

Apple's iPhone is expected to revolutionize how real estate inquires are instigated and reviewed. Here is an iPhone optimized site: . While this site is optimized in terms of its pages fitting on an iPhone, it lacks adquate mapping info for individual listings and user-grouped listings that leverages iPhones strengths; so there's lots of room for improvement.

Given that and other great real estate websites are developed around Google mapping technology, Google's upcoming mobile phone OS, nicknamed, Android, might quickly challenge iPhone' supremacy on getting true web interoptability into smartphone users' hands. Apple's response to iPhone was to open the portion of the Mac OS X Leopard relative to iPhone and iPhone specific OS modules to developers along with a host of incredible developer tools to motivate developers towards iPhone as the platform of choice for web development applications.

The future looks bright indeed in terms of providing great search and map tools to quicky filter what buyers want, where they want it, and pictures to save or encourage trip, making the whole research process more efficient.


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