The Middle of Uncertainty Might Just Be The Best Time To Buy

Markets, any market, really hate uncertainty.  Markets flounder in uncertainty, fall apart, decline, or stay stagnant.  But when uncertainty takes on definition, markets often respond quickly because of pent up demand.  If you can anticipate or even predict the new definition or direction that replaces uncertainty, you may be light years ahead of the majority of the market, which waits for complete confirmation of the new definition.  If you are in the market for real estate currently, you might consider acting before the crowd, getting ahead of the curve.  It may serve you better in the long run, taking advantage of current pricing while benefiting from the rise in pricing without chasing the market upward.  Just a thought.  Any Coldwell Banker Agent will be happy to assist you with timely decisions and a purchase.  Nancy M. Carey cell 231.645.1234.                                                                         


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