Winter Ideas in the UP!

The UP is a great place to be in the winter. People think there's too much snow and its not warm enough to do anything, but that is completely false. The UP offers several ski hills spread all over the state, offering all different hills and courses for the beggining skier or the people who've been skiing there whole life. 

On snowie days when you want to do something fun, but the roads are bad you can take your snowmobile anywhere you can think of on one of the many snowmobile trails in the area. Who wouldn't want to take an all day ride only stopping at a few of the many restraunts along the way to warm up.

Another great activity for all ages is the all the different Ice Caves. Ask anyone whos lived here for years and they can point you to a beautiful ice cave to go adventure with the kids. If ice caves seem like too much of an adventure for any day, try out one of the many ice rinks or sledding hills that this great area has to offer.

These are just a few of the great outdoor winter activities the UP has to offer. Just dress warm and have an adventurist attitude and you can find many great things to get you out of the house all winter long.

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