Are you ready to put your home on the market?

Have you been hearing how fast paced the local market is?  Believe it.  The inventory as a whole is historically low, the number of buyers is high, and if a home is priced reasonably it will sell quickly.  Nothing tricky about that. 

The key is to price the property reasonably and show the property at its very best. If you are contemplating putting your Grand Traverse, Leelanau or Benzie home on the market in the next couple of weeks, call me.  A market plan designed around your plans will be created for your home. 

Sellers -- Setting the Stage

Marketing the property is our job.  Making your home stand out against the competition is up to you.  You've heard about professional home staging, but the easiest way to make your home look its best is to remember what stood out when you bought the home. 

Curb appeal:  Stop at the driveway and take a look at your home.  Is the paint starting to peal? Does the lawn need mowing, raking or do your shrubs take over the walks and windows?  Moss and/or branches on the roof?  Does your entry welcome you or has it become a storage area?

Interior:  When you walk into your home, pretend that you are the buyer walking in for the first time.  What do you see?  Are you focused on furnishings and possessions, or can you see the lines and features of the home?  What are features of the home, and not things that will leave with you?  Fireplaces, staircases, glass block walls, window/glass door walls, countertops are all things that need to be seen!  Personal clutter needs daily attention:  newspapers, mail, shoes, etc.  If you don't know where to start take a look at a decorating magazine, then take a look at your home and starting removing what you don't see in the magazine.  You will be surprised how much faster it will be to keep your home ready for showings when you have minimized the content of your rooms.

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