Is your Home Smart?

Does it add value to the residence?  

For those of you contemplating smart home upgrades, you may be asking, Does it add value to the residence?  I think yes if done right.  

As smart home technology continues to transform our lives, smart home tech is positioned as the next great real estate frontier. The smart home devices coming to market touch almost every corner of our dwellings, from smart bulbs designed to help us sleep better, to smart watering systems for the garden.  

You can expect to see more homeowners investing in smart features, especially those that would help reduce monthly expenses, such as thermostats, lighting, keyless entry, and security are very popularity.  

Northern Michigan is probably behind the smart home curve compared to places like New York, California, Colorado and many others throughout the county.  Market research indicates Northern Michigan is under utilizing smart home technology.  The fact is,  people relocating or vacationing here in Northern Michigan are wanting it, appreciate it when they see it and are inclined to lean towards purchasing a home with it as compare to one without.  Its Gen-X,  There is no question, consumers are starting to see it, appreciate it, and ask for it.”

Market research points out that the demographic spending the most on smart home features today is Gen X—consumers aged 30 to 44.  Gen-X is a tech savvy generation that appreciates conservation of energy and resources. The Difference is Smart, if your a seller and your competition is smarter, you could loose the sale because of it.    


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