To better serve my clients.......

......I just completed GRI-III.

"What is GRI-III", you ask? Well let me explain what it is and how it will allow me to provide an even higher level of service to all my clients.

The Graduate Real Estate Institute III [GRI-III] is the third in a series of classes that I have taken and the third in a series of tests that I have passed that form the pre-licensing foundation for obtaining ones broker's license.

GRI-III focuses on investment analysis of commercial properties, a review of current income tax laws as they apply to real estate purchase, ownership and disposition, as well as creative funding options for individuals looking to utilize real estate as an investment tool.

Through the week long course, we studied how to look at commercial property investment from an investor's standpoint and not a "user's" standpoint. We also examined the acquisition, operation and disposition of these properties from a "cash low after tax" standpoint so that we can better assist our client's in achieving their investment goals.

Early on in the week, the class studied all types of investment properties including residential income properties [apartments, condos, single family homes, hotels/motels and resorts], offices, industrial, retail and vacant land parcels. The time in class was well spent as it allows me, as your Realtor, to competently provide you with a level of service that most Realtors simply cannot provide. Less than 10% of Realtors have taken and passed this level of training. This class has trained me to provide services to you as a leasing agent, a financial consultant, developer/builder, syndicator, agent for buyer and/or seller, investor and evaluator of the investment value of differing properties.

Where I truly believe that I can add value to a client's real estate investment is through my training in assessing Net Operating Income [NOI] which is the first crucial number in estimating Cash Flow After Taxes [CFAT]. Without the expertise of a GRI-III trained realtor, it will be difficult for most individuals to calculate NOI since they typically won't have access to total vacancies in the given market which must be deducted from gross income along with expenses to determine NOI. Further, potential real estate investors will have difficulty compounding and/or discounting cash flows as they assess investment opportunities without the information and experience that a GRI-III graduate brings to the table.

The class closed with an in depth analysis of how to assist clients once they have identified and confirmed the investment potential of a given piece of property. Namely, we learned a myriad of investment financing options as well as how to identify and quantify the income tax implications for the particular investment parcel including an analysis of Depreciation/Cost Recovery, Accelerated Cost Recovery and looking at Cash Flow Before Taxes [CFBT].

It was a gruelling week of class and study. But once I passed the test, I knew that I was going to provide a higher level of service to my clients now that I've obtained my GRI-III certification.

To inquire as to how I can help you and/or your company maximize your real estate investment opportunities, click here.

-Shawn Schmidt Smith


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