Making Way Through the Fog

One of the scariest times to be out on Lake Michigan is when the fog rolls in. If you don’t have the right equipment, have it, but don’t know how to use it, or don’t trust it, the lake is a very scary and stressful place to be.


Late this summer I had a sunset charter. The sky was clear, the sun was moving towards the horizon, the temperature was in the 80s. It was a perfect night for a sunset...


Unfortunately, Lake Michigan had turned over and was only 56° — a sure sign that the lake was going to be foggy. We decided to head out and check the conditions. This is called a “Poke a Nose.” We go out a little ways and decide if it is safe and/or smart to continue on. Halfway through the channel I knew my predictions were spot on — we could barely see people walking on the pier heads! The lake was flat as glass; slowly we motored further out onto the lake.


At this point, I knew I had to be on my A-game: the navigation lights were on, the radar was tuned in and operational, and I was sounding the horn every two minutes. We floated and watched the sunset through the fog. After about five minutes, a sailboat appeared (I had seen it coming on my radar), but that sailboat had no idea I was there. When he got close, we chatted for a minute; I gave him the compass heading for the pier heads and wished him good luck.


After the sun had set, we turned around and headed back for the mouth of the channel. I continued to sound my horn every few minutes. Fortunately, because of my radar, I knew exactly where the pier heads were located. At one point I turned around and noticed there were about seven boats without radar following closely behind in my wake. I felt like the Pied Piper!


Selling your home on your own can often feel like being on the lake in a dense fog. You aren’t sure where you are, and if you don’t have someone to guide you through, you could easily get lost or run into the pier.


As a Holland native, a boat captain, and a Real Estate agent, I can be your guide, getting your home in front of the buyers, handling negotiation without emotion, filling out contracts properly to avoid a lawsuit down the road, and keeping a deal together.


Even if you are prepared, something unexpected always happens: the inspection shows a lot more problems than you anticipated, the appraisal of your home comes in low, or you aren’t sure how to prepare your home to make it more appealing to buyers. I have the tools to navigate you through this process, I know how to use them, and I have the background to anticipate the challenges that could arise during a real estate transaction.


I would be honored to be the person you choose to get you safely through this process with the least amount of uncertainty, so we all make it back to port having experienced a seamless adventure.


“Making Way” is a nautical term meaning, being propelled through the water by sail, machinery or oars.

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