Big Rapids Real Estate - Location Location Location is More than a Catch Phrase

Big Rapids Real Estate - Location Location Location is More than a Catch Phrase

“There’s No Place like Home” is one of those quaint sayings that somehow lasts forever, probably just because it’s so true. ­“Home is Where the Heart Is” is another one: corny, maybe, but undeniable.

Location, Location, Location Big Rapids Real EstateThere’s a strictly real estate saying that Big Rapids residents will recognize at once, too. Less corny as well as a good deal more practical. ­It’s Location! Location! Location! — and it’s every bit as true as the other ones. ­ It’s the where of real estate, and although it is usually thought of in its commercial connection, to a slightly lesser degree, it has major Big Rapids residential significance.

For those of us who are already Big Rapids residents, where our next home should be located is almost certainly one of the two or three primary considerations. ­ But even more so for out-of-towners who will be moving into our area. ­After price range, it’s a ruling factor: location location location — which Big Rapids neighborhood will be our best choice for home — is a good place to start.

When you’re brand new to any area, just thinking ‘location location location’ is one thing, but going about finding the right one in a timely manner isn’t necessarily easy. ­ First step will be to consult the real estate professional you’ve teamed up with (a good one would be me!) and have an in-depth orientation conversation about our neighborhoods. ­Next come prioritizing your own priorities:

Professional.­ If you know the ‘location location location’ of where you’ll be working, the commute distance is likely to be a key factor. ­The convenience of having your Big Rapids home as close as possible to your Big Rapids work will only grow with time.

School.­ If you have school-aged children, you’ll want to research how the schools are rated, or opt to a top-notch private institution. ­Either way, getting the kids to and from can be less of a hassle if home is in the right place. ­Location, location, etc.!

Shopping. ­Shopping - Big Rapids Real Estate - Location, Location, LocationWeekend mall visits certainly don’t need to be right around the corner, but things like visits to the grocery store can become an irritant if it involves 15-minutes each way…every day! ­ Perhaps not a governing factor, but one that gains importance over time.

Community. ­Church, social groups, cultural gatherings are either to your liking or less so. ­Once you have gauged all of those “practical” factors, it will take some local visits and conversations with residents to get the real flavor of the possible communities — and determine which seem most inviting. ­Access to sports and outdoor recreational facilities also fit into this category…which, taken together, can easily turn out to be the most important quality of life factor.

Unless you happen to be a longtime local resident, many of the qualities of a listing’s location location location in Big Rapids isn’t fully evident from the listing information. ­ It takes some on-the-ground knowledge, and (ideally) more than one visit. ­It also will benefit when your buyer’s Realtor® is a knowledgeable and experienced local resident…which is another good reason to give me a call

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